Business Banquet and Exhibition

In the green surroundings, let the conference be filled with creative ideas.
The resort provides comprehensive audiovisual equipment for meetings to meet your customer needs.

Meeting Rooms

Foster creativity in meetings surrounded by the green wilderness.

Venue Fees

Meeting RoomMeeting/DiningNT.8,000/4 hours17.2 x 8.6 x H3.544.7 pings / 147.9m2
Xuhai VIP BoxMeeting/DiningNT.5,000/4 hours17.4 x 4.8 x H3.025.2 pings / 83.5m2
Chufeng Valley 101Meeting/KaraokeNT.1,500/1 hour8.8 x 5.2 x H3.013.8 pings / 45.8m2


VenueChinese BanquetClassroom HorizontalClassroom VerticalTheater StyleU-shapeT-shape
Meeting Room120 people90 people90 people130 people24 people32 people
Xuhai VIP Box12-27 people-----
Chufeng Valley 101----20 people-
  • The above meeting fees include meeting stationery set, mineral water, laser pen, 2 microphones, DVD player, and whiteboard.
  • Meeting equipment (red banner, table flowers, single projector, audio-visual equipment, etc.) will be charged separately.
  • Copies: NT$2 per page; Fax: NT$20 per page.
  • Meeting refreshments (coffee or tea + dessert) are priced at NT$200/person + 10%.
  • For dietary needs, please contact the seat reservation department: (08)880-2880 ext. 5319.
  • If there are larger requirements for the event venue, there is an alternative venue available.