Nature Villas

Nestled on the village's grassy pathways, these exquisite angular houses await. Enter and experience a full-body baptism in natural fragrances. Enjoy the sounds of frogs and birds outside the window, immersed in a natural retreat.
Noble Villa
Noble Villa
Noble Villa

Noble Villa

3 double beds/ 40m2

Room Rate
Starting from NT. 7,200 6 persons

Ideal loft cabin for 3-6 people, Friends` family outing

This wooden cottage diffuses phytoncide inside the room. The cathedral ceiling brings out the spaciousness and brightness of the interior. 3 double beds and lovely living room, an ideal choice for family/ group trip.

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40m2 / 1 floor

/ 3 double beds / Shower / TV / A/C / Refrigerator / Hairdryer / Thermos bottle / WIFI

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